Cologne Daytime Activities

Widest offer of day-time stag party activities in Cologne from entertainment to action and adrenaline with reputable local party operator.

Paintball Indoor

Stag buddies ready for the match!
Indoor paintball arena in Cologne
Groom got it!

Are you ready for a stirring action?!

Visit modern paintball arena in Cologne and experience an adrenaline rush in your blood! Team up, choose the tactic and go for a victory!

The weapons are loaded, paintball field is all yours... get ready for a dirty game!


Indoor Go Karting

Groom and his stag buddy at go karting
Tricky go kart track
Experience perfect afternoon at go karting arena in COlogne
Stag friends ready for the race

Do you like driving? Do you exceed the speed limit at times? Is a road your most favorite playground? If you answered YES, here you go!

When celebrating your stag do in Cologne, stop by in a modern go karting arena near the center to have a little fun. Fasten your seatbelt, rev the engine and move off to the track full of sharp curves and tricky barriers!


German Meal & Beers

Delicious German meals
Traditional German top-class restaurant
Enjoy beautiful German waitresses
Mouthwatering German dish in traditional restaurant in Cologne

Recharge your batteries after wild stag night in high-quality restaurant in the center of Cologne!

Explore the local culture by tasting their traditional dishes. All meat lovers will melt away when seeing a plate full of German "Wurst". For those who prefer meatless dinner, Kartoffelpuffer, a shallow pan-fried pancakes are the right choice.

Don't forget - a beer is a must!


Conference Bike

Cologne Conference Bike
Group Bike
The bike for up to 6 persons looks like octopus
Cycle through the streets of Cologne

Walking sightseeing is a run-of-the-mill. Boost your stag do in Cologne with Conference Bike!

Explore the city center of Cologne on a party bike for 6 persons. Cycle around and have some drinks along your way!

You only need to decide who will be a driver. What about the groom?


Wellness Spa

Hot sauna in luxurious sauna
Cool down in luxurious wellness world in Cologne
Spacious pool
Your stag group deserves the best care!

After partying all night in Cologne's smashing night clubs, it's time to get a well-deserved rest!

Loosen up in a heated swimming pool or jacuzzi and sweat out the residual alcohol in hot sauna.


5-a-side Football match

Enjoy "friendly" match with your stag buddies
5-a-side football
Live up a football match in the country of football - Germany

If you are a football lover, Germany is a right place for you. Brighten up your stag do in Cologne with a little sport activity!

Put on the football sneakers and team up! Devote your free afternoon to a football match with your stag mates. Active afternoon charges you with energy for a long lasting night!


Brewery Tour

Visit a local brewery and spend entertaining afternoon
Free beer samples
Popular brewery in Cologne
A beer is a must when partying in Germany

When it comes to Germany, you cannot forget to taste the best of this country - a beer!

Use the opporunity to visit a local brewery in Cologne. Learn about this most popular drink and discuss the process of cooking with professional brewers.

Free beer sample will be prepared for you at the end of the tour!


Boat Sightseeing Tour

Spend a lovely afternoon on boat
Explore Cologne from the river
Boat sightseeing
Ready for sailing?

Cool down with out boat tour!

After the night full of partying and drinking you need to charge your batteries! Book up for the sailing of Rhein River and enjoy entertaining and leisure activity aboard.


Party Boat Tour

Kick off your stag do with sexy girls on party boat!
Spend an afternoon on the river
Live it up on party boat!
Cologne is full of beautiful architecture and historical monuments

Boost your stag do with a luxurious partying!

Take part on a party boat and enjoy unlimited wild fun on the river! Our crazy Party Boat Tour is the best trigger for unforgettable stag night in the Cologne's night clubs!


Football Match Tickets

Grab your football tickets and enjoy match of FC Koln!
Football stadium Cologne
Stag group having great time at football
Football stadium near the center of Cologne

If you are a football jock with your heart and soul, talk your stag buddies into a football match at Cologne's football stadium!

Grab the tickets, get the best seats and watch a stirring game of professional players from FC Köln.

This very masculine activity cannot be missed on your stag do in Germany!


Stadium Tour

Visit a birthplace of FC Koln
Private football stadium tour
Spend an afternoon as a real football fan
Famous football stadium in Cologne

Explore all the secrets of famous football stadium in Cologne. Visit the football pitch, changing rooms and more. See the palces you cannot visit normally and enjoy a leisure afternoon before going wild in the center!



Modern shooting range in Cologne
Try out Pistol shooting
Groom learning how to handle the gun
Revolver calibre .38


Experience an adrenaline afternoon!Visit modern shooting range in Cologne and test your shooting skills!

Learn how to handle 9mm Pistol and Revolver caliber .38. A skilled instructor will assist you to turn you into professional in one day!

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